Camel Rally


Rally, Adventure, freedom, Africa..

New Brados chapter has born. The dreamer minds that created Crazy Italian Rally, wanted to give birth to another nonsense and bigger adventure.

This time you have to pass italian and european borders to land to African continent, homeland of the most important, historical and attractive moto-Rally. The charm for this magic land, for Adventure out of own borders, the attractive for different cultures and challenge with ourselves make the born of Camel Rally!

No stopwatch, no special tests or rankings. Is the same model of the other Brados adventures; a not competitive Rally that start from Biella and finish to Marrakech. The other riders are not rivals but our partners in this travel.

Time available changes depending on the vehicle; 10 days for heroic and precarious mopeds (for ex Ciao, Si, Califfone, bike ecc), 12 days fors all the others. The arrival day is the same for everyone. 

This timesheet is absolutly easy for powerfull motorbikes suitable for long travels. But, fortunately, the only means allowed are 50cc mopeds with two or three wheels, bicycles and every other incredible slow or inopportune vehicle.

The riders have to plan their own route and it’s not so easy. what is better? The shortest way or the way without mountain not to stress the nags? Staying near city centres to have a easier help if you have some problems or prefering the isolated streets without traffic?

You can’t make a mistakes if you choose The Brados Style: complete improvisation!

The staff doesn’t organize stages or nights for your travel; if you want an organized holiday, this travel is not for you. This is an adventure!

You will be completely responsable for yourself. If you breake you will adjust by yourself the motorbike or with the help of the other riders; you will find mechanics that speak french, spanish, arabic or some difficult idioms of particular Moroccan regions. All of this things will make your adventure wonderful; few days, unexpcted events, the weather and the long hours. You have to be brave and tenacious.

3000 km, 4 States, 2 continents, 10/12 days and a 50cc moped reliability…





Before to make any decision, we invite you to read ALL the event pages.