Rules Camel



Everyone that is eighteen years old and with a regular subscription.

Two or three wheels vehicles: only with capacity less than or equal to 50cc, they must be regularly homologated, inspected and insured as by the law enacted.

You can use all types of bicycle (classic, electric, tandem, tricycle…).


  • ITINERARY: the choice of the itinerary is totally up to the participant who will only have to respect the start and the arriving point.
  • TIMESHEET: the event lasts 13 days. It is possible to cut the line from the 12th day after the start; when the sun goes down in the 13th day the event will finish.
  • MADNESS: if you want to do a real “crazy” rally, you have to take some funny gadgets for yourself and your motorbike.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: no technical support or help for the rescue during the event.
  • SATELLITE DEVICE: the staff will give you a satellite device that you have to put on your mean (you can find the details and all informations in the subscription section). This device is obligatory, you can’t participate without it. It would be usefull for the staff to know where you are. Your position will be looked also on the website at the LIVE section by everyone, your friends, relatives or the other riders.


The event will be in April-May 2020.

Start from Biella on the 26th April 2020.

Arrival to Marakech on the 07th/08th May 2020.

In this way the event will last a maximum of 13 days. The finish line will remain set up for two days.



During the entire event the organizers won’t be rsponsable for any kind of assistance or insurence coverage, as the spirit of this kind of event requires. The riders will provide by themselves or with the help of the other riders to solve any kind of problems.



Brados association, that organized Camel Rally, doesn’t take any responsibility in case of an accident, even a serious one, which occurred during the event.

Each riders is responsible for himself as regards with the law (highway code too) of the Countries where he is.

For these reasons every vehicle will be regularly revised and insured as the laws in  force required.

With subscription every rider states to know the length and the peculiarity of this prove that develops through different Countries (extra European too) with adverse weather conditions (cold, night, rain, wind, hot, sand storms).

Moreover every riders knows that a good preparation and personal autonomy. BRADOS asdc and third parts are not responsible for any health or technical problems that riders could have during rally.



In this event you cross different European and extra-European Countries. We suggest you to we invite you to inform yourself in advance about the highway code of every place.

At the section “IMPORTANT INFO” you can find a lot of informations that we suggest to read carefully; they can help you in your trip organization.

We suggest you to leave with suitable clothes, equipment and motorbike conditions; you have to be able to solve any unexpected events by yourself.

With subscription everyone declaims to be aware of the length and the peculiarity of this race that cross different Countries (extra Europeans too) and with difficult weather conditions (cold, night, rain, wind, hot, sand storm).