Registrations Camel


Asap short list of riders


1 ADVENTURER on 50cc vehicle                            378€ (310€+IVA)

2 ADVENTURERES on the same 50cc vehicle     549€ (450€+IVA)

1 ADVENTURER on bicycle                                      378€ (310€+IVA)



  • Free dinner/buffet at the start party
  • Free appetizer at the finish line
  • Race pack with: official t-shirt, customize and rally stickers for all the riders and some other gadgets about the event.
  • Accident insurance that cover all the medical costs in case of accident and the eventually repatriation for care.
  • Satellite device for all the travel. You have to put it on your motorbike and give it back at the end of the rally. At the start it’s necessary to pay a deposit of 150€ for the device, that will be returned at the end of the event.
  • 50% discount on booking of a room in the 4 stars riad that it is in the some place of the finish line.

* the use of the satellite device is mandatory. The deposit will be given to the staff at the start of the rally and will be return at the end  when you give back the device. If you don’t finish the race you can send the device to Brados headquarter. This device is useful to update the LIVE map on the website and to have the position of the pilots in real time. In this way friends, relatives and the other riders can  always know where you are.



When the race is finished and you cut the line, if you need to return your motorbike to Tangeri, the Staff will organize a truck with an extra cost of 100€. This option will be available only if a number big enough of subscriptions will be reached. When you fill in the subscription format, you can add this request too.


In this event you cross different European and extra-European Countries. We suggest you to we invite you to inform yourself in advance about the highway code of every place.

At the section “IMPORTANT INFO” you can find a lot of informations that we suggest to read carefully; they can help you in your trip organization.

We suggest you to leave with suitable clothes, equipment and motorbike conditions; you have to be able to solve any unexpected events by yourself.

With subscription everyone declaims to be aware of the length and the peculiarity of this race that cross different Countries (extra Europeans too) and with difficult weather conditions (cold, night, rain, wind, hot, sand storm).